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Brand new documentation set, including "Getting started" as well as other specialized short videos.

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YouTube Background J.3.x [jxtc] v1.2

YouTube Background Video

JoomlaXTC YouTube Background module

The easiest way to add life to your website, this module places one or more YouTube videos as a rotating background animation on the entire site, or just a portion.

JS Optima v1.0.0

Shaper Optima is an incredible creative Joomla template suitable for small business, corporate, portfolio, online showcase or multipurpose website. A bunch of modules is using to handle all dynamic functionalities like testimonial, team members, services, portfolio, timeline.

This awesome responsive template comes with 6 stunning presets and 6 ready pages. K2 used for blog feature and styled beautifully. Perfection guaranteed in each pixel of this template.

This easy to customize template has developed with Helix V2 framework. For example, layout can be changed by only dragging and dropping, color and design can be changed from tons of color pickers.

Using this template will reduce development time because lots of cool modules ensures the zero coding requirement for end users.

The HWD MediaShare team is pleased to release version 2.0.4 today. The community will be notified about this new update via theJoomla update manager, but the update can also be applied manually by downloading the latest version and installing it through the Joomla extensions manager.

Demo & info

Nice and easy management of languages and translation files.
com_localise will let users/translators edit language files and create various language packs for Joomla!™ Joomla!™ 3.x.

Site, Administrator, Installation Languages
Create, Edit, Delete Languages
Create, Edit, Delete, Publish, Unpublish, Checkin, Checkout Translation Files
Show Translation Progress for each file and language
Automatically create missing Translation Files
Create Language Installation Archives
This component works on the language translation files of your Joomla installation - it will not work without reading, writing and renaming rights on the language directories and files.


AlphaUserPoints v2.0.4

It provides a powerfull User Points, medals and ranking application component for Joomla and expandable with simple yet powerfull API. AltaUserPoints provides a method for users to accumulate points for performing certain actions on your website such as posting articles, inviting new users, invite a friend to read an article, etc... It also provides an API that allows developers to easily add other actions. AltaUserPoints is a must have app in providing an incentive for users to participate in the website, and be more active.


AcyMailing Essential 5.5.0

Send newsletters to an unlimited number of users and use our automatic send process to stay below your hosting sending limitations.
Schedule your Newsletters while you are away, secure your subscription form with a captcha, automatically send a welcome message to your users


RS Form 1.52.2 AIO

RS Form 1.52.2 AIO

Changelog 22 Aug 2016

Version 1.52.2

DJ-Classifieds 3.4.6 AIO

DJ-Classifieds is suitable to create any type of classified ads website. No matter if you want to create general ads section, job listing, real-estate ads, dating site or add classified ads to the city portal or any Joomla website. You can even enable auctions and allow to sell items (even with direct Paypal payments between users).

OS solution Event Booking v2.7

Nested Categories
Events Booking allows you to organize your events cross infinite categories and subcategories

  • Unlimited categories.
  • Unlimited category levels.
  • One event can be assigned to different categories.

Powerful, flexible events management
Events Booking allows you to create events easily both from back-end and front-end of your site

  • Support both free or paid events.
  • Support both onetime or recurring events(daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurring events).
  • You can set up individual price and group registration rates for each event (0 mean free).
  • You can limit number of registrants for each event(0 mean no limit).
  • Event can have a fixed start date or a TBC (to be confirmed) date.
  • Support different registration types: Individual Registration, Group Registration, Both or Disable Registration.
  • Support two types of discounts: members discount or early bird discount.

Multilingual Support

  • Allows you to create events, categories, locations, custom different languages. So now, if you build a multilingual website, you won't have to worry about it anymore (forgot Joomfish, Falang..., they are not needed anymore).
  • Use built-in translation function, you can easily translate all the language strings used in the extension into different languages without having to edit language file directly.

Built-in Calendar
Users can browse for your events in a nice, responsive calendar

  • Monthly layout allows viewing all events in the selected month.
  • Weekly layout allows you to view all events in a selected week.
  • Daily layout allows you to view all events in a selected date.
  • Events can have different color in the calendar (based on the category which it is assigned to)
  • 6 different calendar themes to choose from : Default, Dark, Fire, Leaf, Ocean, Sky.
  • Easy switching between Monthly, Weekly and Daily layout.


JA K2 Search and Filter component 1.2.3

JA K2 Search and Filter component

Provide the functionality to filter or search K2 articles based on their extra field values

System requirement

  • JA K2 Filter requires K2 component to be installed
  • Fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3
  • PHP version 5.3
  • MySQL version 5.x
  • Apache version 2.2

Neuton v1.5 - WordPress News/Magazine theme

Neuton is A WordPress News/Magazine theme with powerful features, Neuton focuses on your content and audience.

WordPress Theme Details

Truly Unique Layout

With Neuton's truly unique design you are guaranteed to promote your magazine's image to a new level.

Trending Topics

Drive your users' engagement by displaying your most discussed content site-wide.

Flexible Layout Options

Neuton features 7 different category layouts (slideshows included) so that you can create a truly unique experience for your readers.

Custom Widgets

Custom widgets mean more functionality. Content widgets, social networking, Twitter, Flickr and more!

Multiple Color Schemes

Choose from multiple, carefully selected color schemes, or even assign a different color scheme for each page!

SEO Optimized

Our WordPress themes will help you rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!