7+ Best WooCommerce Appointments Plugins for Online bookings


WooCommerce booking plugins for online appointment scheduling

So as a web designer, we really enjoy implementing WooCommerce bookings and Appointments plugins on a customer’s website.

You know why?

We had a customer (a hairdresser) who had a really old, website with a poor user experience but who couldn’t get themselves to justify the cost of getting a new site.

So what did we do to convince them? We showed them the website of their competitor who was taking appointments online – BOOM, sold!

But do you want to hear the best part of this story?

The client was so thrilled with the results of their new website, (because they suddenly started receiving 35% LESS calls for appointments, meaning they wasted less time) they ALSO recommended us during a local hairdressing seminar, resulting in 9 new clients, without us having to do anything ourselves!

These days, most businesses and services are allowing their customers to make online appointment scheduling or bookings right from the website. If you have a consumer-oriented business, you will find that a reliable reservation system is not just useful but allows you to utilize your time and have complete control over your schedule, especially if it integrated with your own systems and makes it simple for your end user.

But how do you add an appointments system to your website, particularly if you are using WooCommerce?

We’re glad you asked that. There are several premium extensions to enable scheduling and reservation features to your website. In today’s post, we, the team of CollectiveRay, are going to introduce you to the 7 best WooCommerce booking plugins available right now.

Let’s get started, shall we?

We’ve just updated this article in adding plugins as necessary, removing ones which are no longer relevant, and updating and removing content as necessary, so you can rest assured this is as relevant as it can get.

Let’s get started with our list of WooCommerce booking plugins for scheduling of appointments or making reservations online. Click here to see more articles about WP and its products. Also for those who are looking for alternatives to WooCommerce, such as Shopify, CollectiveRay also has an article comparing the two.

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WooCommerce Bookings

This is the official WooCommerce bookings plugin which is a simple way to enable scheduling and reservations on your e-commerce website. You can use this extension to create a new type of product and offer a time or date-based reservation feature right from your website. With regards to the period, you can offer specific time slots or allow the customers to choose their most convenient time. You can filter the booked slots and update your availability from the admin dashboard.

The plugin and its applications can be seen in the video below, you can visit the product referred here:

Visitors can define the maximum number of attendees when creating the reservation. You can choose to approve the request instantly or require an admin approval through the backend login. You can enable and configure email notifications for confirmations and send reminder emails as necessary. It is also possible to allow the users to cancel their reservation if they wanted to.

WooCommerce Bookings Price

The extension allows you to apply two types of costs – base cost and block cost. The base cost is a fixed amount which is applied to all reservations. The block cost is the cost which is charged per block or slot. This cost will be multiplied by the number of blocks the customer books.

On special occasions, you can create slots from the backend too. These reservations will work exactly like the ones created from the frontend.

You can get the extension for a single site for $249 which includes updates.

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Those who are looking to use WooCommerce and related plugins to accept bookings online can take advantage of this bundle of products which is targeted specifically towards this purpose.

WooBookings bundle

In fact, this is a bundle of products which are typically all necessary when a small business is looking to implement reservations online. As always, when purchasing a bundle of products, it is typically much much cheaper than buying all of the items separately.

The following are all included in this bundle:

  • Stripe – to be used as a payment gateway
  • WooCommerce Bookings which we mentioned above as the recommend plugin ($249)
  • Product Add-Ons  – to be able to customize the orders and products being sold or booked ($49)
  • Product Vendors – to create a vendor marketplace, essentially a directory of different suppliers ($79)
  • Smart Coupons – to be able to recover abandoned carts or create special offers ($99)
  • 14 premium Storefront child themes

As you can see the normal price for getting all of these items individually, would add up to $479, but with this bundle, you can get all of these bundle for the excellent price of just $299, so we highly recommend that you opt for this package, even if you don’t plan to implement all of them now.

Eventually, the price saving of more than $239 is incredibly valuable.

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YITH Booking for WooCommerce

YITH Booking for WooCommerce makes it very simple to add an intuitive appointment system to your WordPress website. The plugin works with any ecommerce site built on WC. You can create different types of bookable products with various pricing options.

There are 2 methods to choose the booking duration. The first method allows the customers to choose the start date, while the second option allows them to choose both the start and end dates. You can set the minimum and the maximum number of bookable days for individual customers. It is possible to accept reservations right away or require confirmation from the admins. You can define the maximum duration until when the customer can cancel the booked slot.

YITH Settings

The product comes with various pricing options for different situations.

First of all, you can set a base price or charge for all reservations. And obviously, the total price will be calculated based on the duration. Other price determiners include the number of attendees, seasons, location, etc.

In case you have a shortage of resources, you can set the maximum number of slots available at the same time. Alternatively, you can set a custom start and end date for the booked slots, or apply restrictions by using time frames and/or the days of the week. The system also allows you to create reservations manually from the backend.

You can purchase the single-site license including updates of the plugin for $179.

Learn more about YITH Booking


Bookly is one of the best-rated and most popular booking management plugins at CodeCanyon.

As it features complete WC integration, you can use all the features and extensions of the impressive platform in your website. As this WooCommerce booking plugin is integrated with Google Calendar, you can easily synchronize the booked times with your calendar.

The built-in form builder will be very useful in creating custom reservations forms with all the fields you want and customize it to your own specific needs.

You can add custom buffer time around the slots, allow the customers to make different types of reservations, bookable products, define early times, cancellation time, and schedule the availability of the booked slots.

Bookly Settings

It is possible to add staff members, services, customers, appointments, etc. The custom color schemes will help you personalize the style of the various reservation pages. You can offer special discount coupons for your customers. All the times and appointments could be managed from the dashboard. It is also possible to allow the staff and customers to view, edit, or manage the reservations.

The custom color schemes will help you personalize the style of the various reservation pages. You can offer special discount coupons for your customers. All the booked slots and appointments can be managed from the dashboard. It is also possible to allow the staff and customers to view, edit, or manage the reservations.

While most other booking plugins send notifications via email, Bookly takes it to a whole new level by offering SMS notifications too. Thanks to the touch-optimized design, mobile visitors will have no problem in browsing your site and make reservations right away. The detailed documentation will be very useful to get started with the various features of the plugin.

We’ve actually reviewed the plugin separately here if you’d like to look at this booking plugin in more detail.

Bookly is priced at $99.

Download Bookly Now

WooCommerce Appointments

WooCommerce Appointments is a professionally developed plugin to enable reservations and appointment features on your WordPress site.

As the extension is built especially for WooCommerce appointments, you can use all the features, extensions, and payment methods supported by the WooComerce product platform. The quick setup options allow you to get started within a few minutes and customize the set as per your services.

The system comes with several pricing plan options.

You can create a bookable product (or several) and then charge by the hour, day, or a combination of both. The flexible availability options allow you to set the availability for specific hours, days, etc.

You can set up breaks for holidays and non-operations hours. It is also possible to choose availability for individual reservations.

WooCommerce Appointments Settings

The plugin also supports multi-day scheduling at once.

You can also control the lead time of time when the customer can be allowed to make advance reservations. And if there is any preparation involved, you can add the necessary amount of padding time as well. The multi-lingual extension will automatically convert the time into the client’s time zones, which will be very useful if you are operating in multiple countries. It is also possible to show the local currency for international customers.

The multi-lingual system will automatically convert the time into the client’s time zones, which will be very useful if you are operating in multiple countries. It is also possible to show the local currency for international customers.

Automated Google Calendar syncing of WooCommerce appointments is a unique feature of this specific online scheduling plugin. This feature will automatically add the reservations and appointments to your Google Calendar and vice versa.

The superior staff management options allow you to assign staff(s) to the booked slots. The staff can control their own availability options.

Thanks to the custom shortcodes, you can show the reservation forms on any widgetized place of your website.

WooCommerce Appointments is priced at $69.

Visit the WooCommerce Appointments plugin

RnB WooCommerce Rental Booking System

This is a fully featured WordPress rental plugin can be used for adding booking and rental features on your shop / website.

RnB will create a new product type and allow you to offer date or time-based reservation packages. Customers can book right away or request a quote for their preferred type of reservation, all through the product page which is created automatically.

The powerful inventory management options allow you to set up and manage all the inventories right from the dashboard.

That means you won’t have to create separate inventories for each booked type. It is also possible to set default inventories for all types. The inventories will automatically control the availability options.

RnB WooCommerce Rental Booking System Pricing

You can choose any of the four available pricing types – general, hourly, daily, day ranges, or monthly. The general plan allows you to set a fixed rate for every day. And the daily plan allows you to set specific rates for each day of the week. Similarly, the monthly plan could be used to set different rates for each month of the year.

You can use the day ranges pricing plan to allow the visitors to book multiple days at once. It is possible to define the minimum and a maximum number of days. What’s more, RnB also allows you to apply special discounts based on the number of booked days. You can choose to provide a fixed discount or a percentage of the total amount.

You can purchase RnB for $29.

Check out WooCommerce Rental & Booking System plugin

Booking Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce is another widely used WordPress booked plugin developed by Tyche Softwares. You can use this system to convert your regular store into a fully featured reservations platform. With Tyche Software being specialists in developing plugins for WC, you can quickly understand why this product is one of the best options you have when it comes to adding scheduling options to your online store.

Your customers can book specific hours or days according to their requirements. You can choose different time slots for different days and mark the global or local holidays as unavailable.

Once a period or day is booked, it will automatically become unavailable. There is also a real-time availability checking feature. This is very useful when multiple users are checking the availability for the same service.

The extension shows the appointment details on all pages like the cart, checkout, order confirmation, notification, etc.

Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce Settings

The plugin has 2-way Google Calendar sync – another great feature of the plugin. This will automatically update the booked slots on the calendar of both the admin and the customer. It is possible to import or export the booked times to and from Google Calendar. There is also an option to export all reservations in a single CSV, Excel, or PDF file.

The plugin allows the users to filter the product availability by date. Admin(s) can approve or reject the requests. There are 24 different themes available for you to choose from. As the multi-lingual extension is available in 62 languages, you can easily use it to create reservation websites in different languages.

You can get the whole product for $119.

Visit Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

This is another very popular plugin with complete support for WooCommerce. Pinpoint helps you to show a calendar on your website and let the visitors check out the available date and time for reservations – perfect for online appointment scheduling. As the system works perfectly with WC, you can use all the features and extensions to apply the tax, accept payments, offer coupons, and various other tasks.


Customers can make the reservations by selecting their desired days or hours from the calendar. As the calendar is powered by AJAX, the availability of the booked slots will be updated instantly. While the default view will show a monthly calendar, visitors can choose to view multiple months at once as well.

Pinpoint offers several types of pricing models. You can set prices or charge for specific hours, days, etc. It is also possible to set the availability rules for the reservations. Thanks to the fully responsive design, you can be assured that the scheduling pages will look great on any screen resolution – including mobile devices and tablets.

Pinpoint comes with a built-in translator tool to help you create an appointment and reservations website in any language you want. It also supports multi-currency, which will be useful for international reservations sites.

You can get the 1-year license of Pinpoint for $50 or purchase the lifetime license for $95, both of which include updates.

Once WP Amelia is installed, you’ll begin to wish you had such a flawless system in place years ago. This WordPress plugin is the brainchild of one of Code Canyon’s Elite authors (tms-plugins). The latter is also the creator of its best-selling wpDataTables WordPress plugin. It is also an author that has sold more than 19,000 licenses, which speaks volumes about how well-liked their products are.

Amelia was created with businesses in mind that are fully dependent on bookings. Businesses like coaches, gyms and fitness clinics, consulting firms, and spas all need a system which can be powered by WP Amelia.

For businesses like these, a booking system must be easy to install and super-easy to use. Amelia is such a system. Once installed and set up, it’s 100% automated and ready to go.

The price of WP Amelia starts at $59 and we’d recommend you extend support to 12 months for just an additional $20.25

Bonus: WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin is the ultimate solution for users who want to have it all – that’s why we’ve left the very best til last. Basically, this plugin can work with almost every business that requires such a system on their website.

woocommerce bookings and appointment

As you would expect, you have the option to select from four periods – minutes, hours, days and months – but yes, you can see that the granularity goes down to the minute level. It also allows you to show the booking period for a certain or fixed period of time or an entire calendar range.

It even goes a step further and allows you to set maximum simultaneous booked slots allowed per period. As the plugin comes with a fixed period option, you can set the booking opening and closing time, which gives you more control – particularly if you are in a business whether slots are on a fixed-time basis. And talking about control, the plugin also has the feature to allow your customers to cancel their reservation. You can also opt to send a confirmation request – so that the customer knows that the booking went through. You can use this email notification to suggest they set a reminder.

Of course, you can also set your availability, so you can show the working and non-working schedule – together with a price. Besides the fixed price, you have full control over pricing of periods. You can set up combinations of price rules which will help you in achieve your required business scenario.

For example, you can choose the number of people participating (in a slot) and then calculates the necessary amount/price accordingly. You can even define the rules and set per person amount. You can also offer multiple resources Who will work on the booking) and set the price on a per-resource basis.

Custom booking rules

The Booking management area then will allow you to manage all of your times.

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments starts from $99 for a 1-year license of support and updates.

Final Words about WordPress and WooCommerce booking plugins

Interested in more creative ways of making money with WooCommerce? This great article about WooCommerce Subscriptions and plugins to achieve this is another fantastic read.

Having a solid system to cater for online appointments scheduling and receive online bookings is a great way to take your business to the next level. Now that you know which are the best WooCommerce booking plugins are, why not pick one and get started today? Don’t forget to let us know which one you have chosen and your experience with it below.