Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme campaign

Date published: 

29 March 2019

Intended audience: 

General public

A new consumer information campaign to help educate Australians on the safe and effective use of their Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines commenced on 28 March 2019.

Taking medicines incorrectly can have significant health implications. The campaign encourages consumers to follow the instructions of their health professional when taking medicines and to not share or stockpile medicines.  There is also advice on how to dispose of out-of-date medicines safely.

The campaign explains the importance of PBS subsidised medicines in treating and preventing illness, and in supporting the general good health of all Australians.

The PBS helps keep medicines affordable by providing subsidised prescription medicines for Australians. It covers more than 5000 clinically-proven products across a broad range of conditions, from asthma and arthritis to diabetes and cancer.

The Australian Government’s subsidy of PBS medicines reduces their cost, on average by 89%.

Campaign messages aim to support take-up of Government funded community pharmacy programs that help people manage their medicines. 

Through a mix of television, print, radio, online and other advertising, the campaign will prompt consumers to talk to their health professional and seek more information to better manage their medications.

For more information, visit the campaign website.