Douluo Dalu – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The First Spirit Ring Ability


Part 1


And in a moment, he seemed to hear a clear and melodious crack, immediately following, that hot current frenziedly dispersed, then again merged . Merging into a milky white stream . That originally winding little streamlet in a flash became a brook, congcong flowing, trailing, the blazing agony already disappearing, only leaving a comfortable warmth .


Success . Wild joy once again arrived; Tang San was familiar with this kind of breaking feeling Tang San, that clearly was the feeling of Mysterious Heaven skill’s first bottleneck splitting open, internal strength merging together with the spirit ring’s power, becoming an even more formidable energy, within this extremely brief time, at full speed going around within his body’s energy passages revolving several circuits, slowly flowing into his dantian .


Just as Tang San suspected, arriving within this world, his Mysterious Heaven skill had virtually formed a bizarre relationship with spirit master’s spirit power . Mysterious Heaven skill’s every tier corresponded to a spirit master title . Obtaining this first spirit ring, he finally broke through the first tier Mysterious Heaven skill bottleneck .


Of course, his current power in no way was as simple as only Mysterious Heaven skill entering the second tier, he still possessed the spirit strength unrelated to Tang sect, as well as the ability produced by the first spirit ring .


Absorbing the spirit ring brought about a kind of unfolding clear feeling that was impossible to describe in words, like floating to and fro high in the clouds not subject to gravity, also like entering the pinnacle of extreme bliss . All over his whole body, thirty six thousand pores without exception stretched open, greedily respiring wonderful air, the fundamental change already made amazing changes occur in Tang San’s body .


Tang San as much as possible calmed his excited heart, Mysterious Heaven skill under the aid of the spirit ring breaking through informed his future developing direction, he knew, regardless of how, his life in this world, he was probably unable to separate from the spirit again . Spirit power was exactly Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength, internal strength also was exactly spirit power . His destiny would be to walk a spirit master’s path . Of course, he would be classified as a Tang sect spirit master .


Just when Tang San slowly opened both eyes, the sky was already light, the new day brought vigorous vitality seemingly calling to his body .


Tang San lowered his head to look at himself, he discovered, his body because of obtaining the spirit ring also seemed to have changed somewhat . His originally thin and small stature seemingly grew a bit taller, his shoulders also somewhat broader, on his skin even more a layer of jade-like lustre .


Between gestures, brimming with strength he had a lithe feeling of comfort . Not needing painstaking experiments, he knew that not only his inner strength broke through the bottleneck, all parts of his body’s functions had also substantially elevated under the influence of obtaining the hundred year datura snake’s spirit ring .


“Teacher . ”

Regaining consciousness, Tang San first of all thought of Grandmaster, he was eager to tell Grandmaster, that Grandmaster’s spirit beast mimicry principle was a success . The whole merging process, although also enduring not a little agony, was without any feelings of conflict .


Just when his gaze found Grandmaster, he couldn’t help but be greatly taken aback .


Grandmaster lay fallen on the ground, body seemingly already rigid, motionless . Around him and Grandmaster, realgar powder surrounded them in a circle, situation the same as their previous campsite .


“Teacher, what happened?”

Tang San in his heart was greatly worried, hurriedly standing up, coming over to Grandmaster’s side, helping his body up .


Seeing Grandmaster’s face, Tang San unconsciously blurted out,

“Poison . ”


Grandmaster’s originally rigid face was surrounded by a sinister air, the whole body already breathing hard, body rigid, already lost feeling .


“How would teacher be poisoned?”

Raising the question, Tang San suddenly felt Grandmaster’s body was somewhat abnormal, and hurriedly drew back his right arm’s jacket sleeve .


He saw Grandmaster’s right arm was swollen to triple size compared to normal, skin stretched tight and turning bright purple, fortunately a cloth band was tied tightly on his upper arm, and clearly Grandmaster produced his own emergency treatment measures after being poisoned . Even though this way, under the circumstances the majority of the poison would not spread, but he was still unconscious, one could see how potent this poison was .


In his mind a flash of light, and Tang San suddenly understood the cause for Grandmaster’s poisoning . Before when he and Grandmaster were escaping being killed by the datura snake, Grandmaster’s spirit Luo San Pao was bitten by the datura snake, exactly bitten on Luo San Pao’s right foreleg, at that time was recalled by Grandmaster very quickly . Beast spirits are one with their host, even though Grandmaster’s beast spirit was a variation it was still like that . Spirit being poisoned, is equivalent to the host also being poisoned? But Grandmaster wholeheartedly assisted him in absorbing the spirit ring, regardless of his own safety, waiting until after he entered cultivation state until his spirit power was unable to restrain the poison, so the poison spread .


Comparatively speaking, in this regard tool spirits had the advantage: tool spirits contaminated by poison would not influence the host’s body .


“Fortunately Grandmaster stopped the poison from spreading, otherwise I also would have no means . ”

After Tang San felt for the strength of the pulse in Grandmaster’s left hand, he secretly let out a breath . The poison had not yet attacked the heart, there was still time to save him .


Coming from Tang sect, regarding how to deal with poisoned wounds Tang San was very clear . Right now, he was unable to not use flame whether or not it could attract spirit beasts, very quickly gathering some dry twigs and leaves from the surrounding, using a torch to ignite the pile, afterwards immediately tearing off Grandmaster’s right sleeve, using the short sword Grandmaster gave him to dig a hole in the ground, afterward pouring out fresh water, and cleaning the sword blade .


The campfire gradually flourished, after Tang San repeatedly roasted the short sword over the fire, hauling Grandmaster’s body to the side of the little hole, letting his right hand hang down inside .


Taking a deep breath, Tang San turned over the wrist, in three successive cuts, separately delimiting Grandmaster’s pulse point, crook of the arm and armpit .


Immediately, three streams of blackish purple blood bringing a strong smell with a faint fragrance of tea spurted out, like three brooks flowing into the previously dug little hole .

Part 2


Tang San’s one hand pressed on Grandmaster’s chest, urging the just now promoted Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength, his left hand on successive points sealed the four energy channels in Grandmaster’s chest, preventing the poisonous vapour from spreading . Simultaneously his right hand began to knead Grandmaster’s chest, relying on internal strength to push the motion of qi and blood in Grandmaster’s body . Slowly pressing the poison to one place .


Mysterious Heaven skill could be regarded as Tang Sect’s highest inner strength core method, in itself it had a very powerful effect for removing poison, and it certainly was not just a violent internal strength . Extremely exquisite, a trace of a thread penetrated inside Grandmaster’s body, making sure to not leave behind any seed of future trouble .


Undoing Grandmaster’s jacket, Tang San carefully observed the dark qi around Grandmaster’s body . Under the effect of Mysterious Heaven skill, the dark qi gradually converged flowing in the direction of Grandmaster’s right arm, right now Tang San still had not undone the cloth on Grandmaster’s arm .


Poisoned blood flowing out, Grandmaster’s swollen arm gradually shrank back, skin colour gradually also becoming normal, Grandmaster’s face revealing an expression of suffering, mouth also began to emit groans .


As the flow of blackish purple fresh blood gradually exhausted, fresh red blood began to emerge, Grandmaster’s arm also already became somewhat pale . Tang San picked open that cloth on Grandmaster’s arm, relying on internal strength at full speed to completely push out the last poison in one go, afterwards quickly sealing the blood circulation in Grandmaster’s arm and tearing off several strips from his own clothes and wrapping the cuts .


Previously he could not impatiently undo the cloth on Grandmaster’s arm, because he feared Grandmaster’s blood flow would be too much – after all his poisoning had already not been brief .


Poison dispelled, Tang San’s face was already covered in sweat . Even though Mysterious Heaven skill entered the second tier, it still wasn’t considered powerful, and using internal strength like this to assist expelling poison was most draining of internal strength and energy, and because of absorbing the spirit ring and enduring the energy he also felt somewhat emptied of strength .


Tang San used clean water to clean up Grandmaster’s arm, afterwards using soil to bury that little hole filled with poisoned blood . This could be considered as wholly completing the work .


Following this, Grandmaster remained unconscious for a full three days, and in that time he had a constant fever . Tang San every day could only pour into him a little fresh water, and in order to let Grandmaster’s body able to replenish some nourishment, he even cut down a tree to make a small bowl, using the brought dry meat with fresh water to cook some broth . Since this was Spirit Hunting Forest, Tang San dared not move a step away from Grandmaster .


Fortunately, their luck could be considered not bad . Although the occasional spirit beast passed by, for the most part those were ten year spirit beasts, and their aggressive nature was also not very strong, and certainly did not bring any trouble to Tang San .


“How am I like this?”

Just when Grandmaster regained consciousness, it was already noon on the fourth day .


His empty of power body could not put out a trace of strength, Grandmaster only found before him a blur, the sky spinning earth turning feeling made him unable to find directions, even raising his hands was strenuous .


“Teacher, you’re conscious . ”

Tang San amazed moved closer to Grandmaster’s side, a precise practiced internal strength transmitted into Grandmasters body .


Under the aid of Mysterious Heaven skill, Grandmaster’s vitality roused a bit, eyes also finally gradually focusing .


“Little San, I’m still alive?”

Grandmaster astonished looked at Tang San next to him .


Tang San nodded, saying:

“Teacher, you’re living very well . Only this time must perhaps rest for a long while . ”


Grandmaster turned his head with difficulty, looking at his right arm,

“You saved me . ”


Tang San scratched his head, saying,

“When I was little dad taught me simple methods to deal with poisoned wounds, so when I saw you unconscious, I could only give it a try . Trying once after all had some chance, ‘doctoring a dead horse as if it was still alive’ . ”


“Cheeky, you calling teacher a horse?”

Grandmaster put on a slight smiling expression, of course, with his originally rigid face added to the current paleness, this smiling expression of his was even more unsightly than crying .


Living, always was a glorious matter, even if it was the ambitious and proud all his life contributing to spirit research Grandmaster he also was no exception .


Tang San laughed, saying:

“Teacher, you first rest, I will give you some hot broth . You wake up, then again rest several hours and you can eat some dry rations . We at an early hour should leave Spirit Hunting Forest, the environment here is too lacking, and the air is also comparatively moist, harmful to your wounds recovery . ”


Grandmaster seemed to suddenly think of something,

“Little San, did you succeed?”

To Grandmaster, his research theories were even more important than life .


Tang San said with a small smile:

“Teacher, please be at ease . I succeeded . Look . ”


While speaking, Tang San raised his right hand, faint white light floated right now on the surface of his skin, immediately following, deep blue colour blue silver grass thronged out from the centre of the palm . A distinct ring of yellow light ascended from underfoot, centring on the body as it floated up and down . Precisely the outstanding characteristic of a first ring spirit master .


Previously blue silver grass’ width did not reach a half finger, but the current blue silver grass’ width already became three fingers . The grass blade compared to before was also several times thicker, bearing an odd veined pattern . Counting ten blue silver grass at lightning speed spread out all around, grass blade tips lifting, just like ten extra datura snakes hunting everywhere .


The blue silver grass did not at all have the datura snake’s stench, but only had the faint tea fragrance, that intoxicating fragrance brimming with danger .


In Grandmaster’s eyes flickered an extremely moved radiance, and with difficulty resisting the excitement, he said:

“How is the toughness?”


Seeing is believing, so Tang San answered Grandmaster with action . Among the ten blue silver grass breaking away from his palm one suddenly flew up, twining around a small tree as thick as an arm, the other end returning to Tang San’s hand . His right hand pulled back strongly, and the small tree trunk immediately curved down, causing the blue silver grass to stretch perfectly straight, but did not have the slightest indication of splitting .


“Good, this truly is great . It seems my judgement was completely correct, after blue silver grass infused the datura snake spirit ring, it gained toughness, if my conjecture is not mistaken, and it should still have attached a datura snake’s toxicity . Only, what is its current ability?”

Part 3


A spirit after obtaining the spirit ring, all abilities must undergo a process of variation to evolve . Different spirits with similar spirit rings evolve completely different abilities, and vice versa, even if the spirit ring only is different in age, the abilities will still have great differences .


Therefore, even though grandmaster regarding spirit research already was considerably thorough, he was still unable to confirm what the resulting effect of Tang San obtaining this first spirit ring would be .


Tang San said:

“Grandmaster, these several days I used some weak ten year spirit beasts to experiment . What you said is not incorrect, blue silver grass indeed inherited some of the datura snake’s poison nature, but without the deadly attack nature hyper toxicity, rather the paralysing effect of the datura snake’s poison nature . But it must come into direct contact to have effect . The poison nature can’t be considered very strong, but it very clearly has a restricting function . And blue silver grass ability, is binding . Depending on spirit power control, binding the enemy to a stop, can render it unable to move . ”


While speaking, Tang San relying on spirit power controlled his released blue silver grass to put the ability to use .


Seeing the more than ten deep blue blades of grass simultaneously rise up from the underbrush, and in a flash twine around a thick tree trunk .  The grass blades were striking out from a hovering stance, covering the area within ten square metres . Being within this range, one would fundamentally be without ability to dodge .


Instantly, the more than ten blue silver grass had already twined tightly around the big tree .


Grandmaster’s eye revealed a slight glitter of deep thought,

“As expected, a control system spirit master’s characteristic . If you could have a powerful attack hand in concert with you, your spirit effect can be developed even more clearly . What is called a control system spirit master, is just controlling the opponents actions, this binding ability’s effect is like that . In itself also adding the paralysis effect, only when the opponent is a two spirit ring existence surpassing you, otherwise it would be unable to struggle free of this binding ability . Little San, we succeeded . ”


Speaking of spirits, Grandmaster at first was not like a severely injured person, both eyes radiating vigour, his tone indescribably excited .


The greatest characteristic of this blue silver grass ability was its unexpected nature . In Tang San’s tests, within a range of fifty metres he could control blue silver grass to attack from any place . Can’t be guarded against . Particularly within a forest with numerous plants, where blue silver grass had even more cover .


Tang San also cooked a pot of broth, furthermore chopping boiled meat and feeding some to Grandmaster .


With something in his belly, Grandmaster’s recovery rate rose, but they had no choice but to prepare to leave Spirit Hunting Forest, because of the food and drinking water they brought after this many days there was already practically nothing left .


This was still so under circumstances where Tang San had been as sparing as possible .


Grandmaster still had not recovered the strength to move about, therefore he was carried on Tang San’s back out of Spirit Hunting Forest . Because the difference between these two people’s statures was too big, all the while Grandmaster’s both legs dragged on the ground . Relying on his surpassing strength and internal strength, Tang San under Grandmaster’s directions, step by step carried Grandmaster out of Spirit Hunting Forest, riding a carriage to return to Nuoding primary spirit master academy .


Throughout, regardless of when Tang San cared for Grandmaster or in the process of carrying him out of the forest, Grandmaster from start to finish did not speak a word of thanks, but the gaze he looked at Tang San with already no longer only seemed to see a substitute disciple for fulfilling his own vain hope, more like a feeling that should appear in Tang Hao’s eyes .


Teacher for a day, father for a lifetime . These eight simple words were branded even more deeply in Grandmaster’s heart .


Undergoing several days of recuperation with Tang San’s meticulous care, by the time they returned to the academy, Grandmaster could already with difficulty walk supported on Tang San’s arm . However, in Tang San’s estimation, Grandmaster this time receiving a poisoned wound caused his constitution great injury, in order to completely recover, he still must not walk for at least a month’s time .


Grandmaster was only an honoured visitor at Nuoding primary spirit master academy, with connections to the chairman true, but without a relative . In the near future, Tang San naturally must be in charge of caring for his Teacher, this bit he long ago already knew well . Even on the road every day he made assorted plans on how he should care for Grandmaster .


At just this moment in the morning students started class, and within the Nuoding academy everything seemed very peaceful . Tang San supporting Grandmaster returned directly to his room letting him rest on the bed .


“Finally returned, Teacher you please also properly rest . For this time you must properly recuperate, be sure not to overwork, if you have some business, you immediately instruct me to go . ”


Grandmaster quietly nodded, and said:

“I didn’t expect to this time still be able to barely escape from mortal danger . My body recovering doesn’t matter, but your cultivation cannot be interrupted . Meanwhile, you still must go settle one matter . Little San, take from the bookshelf on your left in the third row the second book from the left and come give it to me . ”


“Ok . ”

Tang San according to Grandmaster’s instructions took out a thick book, what surprised him, was the title on this book .


Grandmaster without taking the book from his hands said:

“In this book is recorded some of my research on cultivating spirit power . Although spirit power is cultivated by meditation circulating spirit power itself, among this are very many techniques . What kind of movement route is generally easy to promote strength, what kind of spirits under what kind of circumstances are best suited to cultivation, all details are recorded here . At this time I am unable to personally direct you, but you definitely cannot relax . ”


“Yes . ”

Tang San respectfully replied . Although he still had not opened the book to read, in his heart was an indescribable shock .


Undergoing this time’s spirit ring breakthrough, he regarding spirits could be considered to have an overall comprehension, and according to his understanding, what was called spirit power was actually a kind of internal strength, only the vast majority of people’s cultivation methods are all simply operating them without pattern .

Part 4


Tang San possessed Mysterious Heaven skill’s cultivation method, in the future cultivation rate would certainly be even better than the majority of spirit masters . But hearing what Grandmaster said, he who studied cultivation methods, should be similar to cultivating internal strength’s circulation route . Able to research this one step, how much effort did Grandmaster have to expend? One must know, Mysterious Heaven skill would be the result of countless generations of Tang sect ancestors shedding their heart’s blood for experience . Grandmaster was only one person .


“In addition, you go right now to Nuoding city’s Spirit Hall . On the way ask anyone for its location, it’s near the city centre . You go there to conduct the spirit master authentication: it tests your spirit power condition, and in addition it also counts as official Spirit Hall registration, so afterwards you can receive a stipend every month . You need not continue being a working student . ”


Tang San carefully put the book Grandmaster gave him within Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges . He did not know what Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges’ it was made of, but it possessed extremely tough and pliable elasticity . Contracting to its smallest, Tang San with this kind of child’s stature could bind it around the waist, but if extended, even if it was a burly fellow with four chi around the waist they could still carry it, and all along the belt’s width would be constant .


Right now, Tang San wore the Nuoding primary spirit master academy uniform, on his waist he also wore the belt Grandmaster gave him, the whole person’s Jing-Qi-Shen strength was already completely different from when he arrived at the academy, just what is called ‘clothes make the man’ . Although he could not say he was handsome, looking neat and tidy still gave people a somewhat fresh and cool feeling .


“Teacher, then you first rest a moment, I’ll leave . At noon I will come back and bring you food . ”


Leaving Grandmaster’s room, Tang San just heard the bell ringing the end of class, Nuoding primary spirit master academy class period was not at all long, and until noon classes there were still half a double-hour break for meals .


As it happened to be end of class, Tang San decided to first return to the dormitory and greet his roommates, telling them he had returned and would go out again .


But, just when he returned to the dormitory, he was surprised to discover that within the dormitory was completely empty, without a shadow of a person . His bedding was still the same as when he left, put together with Xiao Wu’s bedding, the middle separated by cloth bundles .


Not one had returned after class? Tang San couldn’t help but in his heart feel suspicious . Turning around and leaving the dormitory, stepping out on the sports ground .


Right in front of the school building students walked out in twos and threes coming towards the dormitory . Just when Tang San prepared to first go to Spirit Hall to undergo spirit master authentication as Grandmaster instructed, faintly he heard among those compared to him marked as upper students as if saying the two words ‘working student’ .


Hurriedly focusing, by way of internal strength he distinguished the source and listened attentively to the content of their conversation .


“Those working students really are overrating themselves, to actually challenge the sixth year’s boss Xiao . I estimate at class tomorrow it will be difficult to see a shadow of a working student . ”


“Still can’t tell, the working students dared challenge our academy’s Little Overlord also with a bit depending on, they say, a new first year working student, a little girl who is very fierce . Having all the working students call her Xiao Wu Jie . This time’s matter seems exactly like her taking the initiative to provoke . This time their stake is also absolutely sufficient, if boss Xiao wins, afterwards he possess all the working students as his dogs, and if the working students win here, then afterwards that Xiao Wu Jie is our whole academy’s Xiao Wu Jie . ”


“These working students are definitely courting death, in what respect can a first year little girl be capable of being fierce . Boss Xiao is one of few among our academy six year students who has reached spirit master realm . It looks as if boss Xiao later will have a pack of servants . ”


Hearing the words of the higher grade students, Tang San’s heart immediately tightened . Although he had not known Xiao Wu long, regarding Xiao Wu’s nature he still had a certain understanding . The temper of this looking like a fair and tender little girl was in no way as gentle and soft as her appearance, on the contrary rather rude and unreasonable . In addition with what Wang Sheng preciously told him about working students were being bullied, he could confirm that these two older students’ words were certainly genuine .


Tang San also was one of the working students, he naturally could not watch his roommates be bullied .


“Two seniors, may one ask where boss Xiao and those working students are?”

Tang San greeted the two students .


The two students were clearly dumbfounded a moment, and the left side senior student said:

“What? Little junior you also want to go stick a foot in? Boss Xiao has enough manpower, by your appearance you should be second or third year, I advise you to still leave out, to accidentally be injured could be bad . ”


From Tang San’s neat clothes and that looking like it was high quality belt on his waist, the two students obviously could not guess at his working student status .


“Senior, I only want to go have a look at a distance . ”

Tang San naturally could not make clear that he was part of the working students .


“They should duel in the woods on the mountain behind the academy . ”


Obtaining accurate information, Tang San took off, running towards the rear side of the academy .


What is called the mountain behind the academy was certainly not within Nuoding academy, just outside the academy rear gate is a small hill, apart from the academy . Tang San saw nobody around, so he immediately launched Ghost Shadow Perplexing Trace and ran full out towards the hill .


The woods were very quiet, but not at all tranquil, on the contrary rather abundantly an atmosphere of swords drawn and bows bent .


Apart from Tang San all the working students stood behind Xiao Wu, and facing them were all told more than twenty higher grade students formed up in ranks .


Led by one person wearing Nuoding primary spirit master academy uniform, large stature tall and straight, although his face remained childish, he already had a bit adult appearance . It looked like in body he was at least half again as large when compared to Xiao Wu, his features also counted as handsome and spirited . Only the contemptuous and disdainful expression on his face sabotaged the harmony .


“Little girl, right now there is still time for you to repent . Of course, I do not mind having a pet rabbit . Your spirit is rabbit, isn’t that right . ”

Part 5


Xiao Wu’s expression did not lose a bit to the opposite side and was similarly disdainful, only her disdain harmoniously arranged her soft and fair face to somehow have a cute appearance, pointing at the opposite side saying:

“Boss Xiao, you scared? Scared of afterwards being my little brother . ”


“Ha-ha . ”

Boss Xiao feigned an elegant big laugh,

“How could I be scared? I say, that Wang Sheng, have all you working students lost your minds, to actually find this kind of little girl to stir up a fight with me . Really funny . Little girl, you still haven’t asked who I, boss Xiao, am . In this Nuoding city, if I walk from east to west there is nobody who dares hinder me, not to even mention this academy . ”


Xiao Wu was clearly already rather impatient,

“Less nonsense, let’s start . You say how we fight . ”


Boss Xiao’s eyes narrowed, revealing a somewhat evil expression,

“Rest assured, I won’t bully you . Don’t you have ten people here, then we also will only use ten people . Sending out in turns, those sent out only need to win, then can continue fighting the next opponent . Up until all the people on one side are defeated . ”


Able to become the boss among students, this boss Xiao could not be a rash person, on the contrary, he was very clever . Although on the surface Xiao Wu looked like she could be no threat . But this boss Xiao also did not fight Wang Sheng for only one or two days, and of Wang Sheng’s temperament he still had a clear understanding, if this little girl before him did not have some ability, how could Wang Sheng so easily recognize her as the working students representative .


But how powerful could this little girl be? On his side were all higher grade students, and each one’s actual strength was not weak . The working students’ side only had one Wang Sheng that still could be considered having some ability, in addition to this little girl at most they had only two people that’s all . Letting the younger brothers under his leadership completely grind them to death, he would not even need to come out himself, and this fight was already won . Seemingly a fair method for duelling, was it truly fair?


Wang Sheng naturally also realized boss Xiao’s plan, but before he could open his mouth, Xiao Wu already readily spoke:

“Fine, we’ll settle it like this . Come, whoever is first of you, come out . ”


By now, it was already too late for Wang Sheng to prevent Xiao Wu’s agreement .


The followers of boss Xiao pursed their lips, and a large higher grade student immediately walked out .


Wang Sheng gritted his teeth,

“Xiao Wu Jie, let me go first . ”

He was naturally familiar with this higher grade student on the other side . This fellow was in the same class as him, and Wang Sheng had fought him many times, every time the outcome was miserable . This student’s spirit was a staff . But not just a simple staff .


Xiao Wu appearing very like a big sister leader, nodded, agreeing to Wang Sheng’s request .


Wang Sheng drew a deep breath, stepping up between the two sides,

“Liu Long, come . ”


On Liu Long’s hand yellow brilliant light rose, and a two metre tall long staff winked into his grasp,

“A defeated opponent . Wang Sheng, after I beat you today you won’t stand up for days, or my name isn’t Liu . ”


Wang Sheng still did not answer, but Xiao Wu behind him already smiling said:

“Then if you lose, it’s fine to call you ‘Withered Willow’ . ”


Liu Long’s facial expression became cold, and without uttering a sound, he very quickly moved forward a step, the long staff in his hands immediately thrusting up, descending straight to smash Wang Sheng .


Wang Sheng’s body shone equally bright with spirit power light, and with a tiger’s roar, without dodging, raising both arms crossed, blocked the other party’s long staff .


With a muffled peng sound, Wang Sheng grunted, immediately retreating two steps . Both arms flooding spirit power turned over, both hands grabbing for the opponent’s long staff . Even with spirit power protection, in this first contact the opponent’s long staff already left bloody marks on his arms . Bruising was hard to avoid .


Liu Long’s mouth twitched,

“You still have a short memory . This is my spirit . ”


Light shimmering, the part of the long staff Wang Sheng held abruptly disappeared, immediately afterward the long staff’s previous point that had just crossing Wang Sheng’s arms, all of a sudden thrust at Wang Sheng’s stomach . His body tumbled backwards .


Wang Sheng’s fighting determination need not be doubted, his strength was also significantly higher than his opponent, but unfortunately he was at the disadvantage of still being unable to obtain a spirit ring . Unable to undergo spirit adding, although under the aid of spirit power strength increased, agility was insufficient . Encountering this kind of long staff spirit using adversary, even if the other party used a one cun long and one cun powerful characteristic, when fighting he completely lacked the power to strike back .


His body shot up, a tiger’s roar yet again rising, but very quickly his body was already once again whipped back by the long staff .


However Wang Sheng could also be considered to have rough skin and thick meat . Normally taking many beatings, his ability to resist and fight back must also be more powerful compared to ordinary students . Although in a completely disadvantageous position, the opponent wanting to make him lose fighting ability also was not a simple matter . Before Xiao Wu and Tang San arrived at Nuoding academy, the working students were relying on him alone to protect them . Without a little ability, he would long ago be bullied to death by others .


“Wang Sheng is still too impulsive . With frontal confrontation, he cannot approach the body, and only by approaching the body can he defeat the opponent . ”


When Xiao Wu’s brows were creasing greatly, a low voice suddenly rose by her ear . Inclining her head to look, her beautiful big eyes couldn’t help but reveal a pleasantly surprised light,

“Tang San, you’re back . ”


Reaching Xiao Wu’s side was exactly Tang San, turning to the mountain behind the academy, he saw this scene in the woods on the side, and instantly without a sound he quietly reached Xiao Wu’s side . As his stature was not tall, nobody on boss Xiao’s side had even taken notice of his appearance .


Tang San looked at Xiao Wu, thinking to say something, but refrained .


Xiao Wu caught his expression of wanting to say something but stopping,

“What? Want to say I’m impulsive too?”


Tang San shook his head, saying:

“We working students cannot always be bullied by people, and this way of fighting with student bosses should also be regarded as ‘one effort always settled’, you acted correctly . Only, you should have waited until returned before raising a challenge to them . This way the certainty is also a bit bigger . ”