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I. Sense rules

    Respect all users (visitors, editors & administrators)
    Do not spam/advertise in comments/posts.

II. Posting rules

    1. Do not post RIPS content.
    2. Keep the original release name/.nfo
    3. Links must be exclusive to, don’t post your content elsewhere with the same links.
    4. No viruses/malwares/spam/advertising into your files. (All files are strictly checked.)
    5. The post & the content musts be unique. (No double post.)
    6. Your post must contains 3 free users links. (1 minimum.)
    7. No backlinks, adverts on your files/posts.
    8. Filename must be related to the category (see III.)

III. What you can post

    Any CMS Content Joomla, Wordpress (Themes & Plugins)
    Graphics (PSD, PSD Template, Mockup, Design, Vector)
    HTML5 - CSS3

IV. Ready to post?

    1. Register or Login
    2. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to become a contributor.

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