RS Form 1.52.2 AIO

RS Form 1.52.2 AIO

Changelog 22 Aug 2016

Version 1.52.2

  • Fixed - AJAX validation didn't work properly on HTML5 fields.
  • Fixed - A scripting error would show up when using Javascript compressing tools.

12 Aug 2016
Version 1.52.1

    • Updated - Default form submission system message can be turned off from the Form Properties area.
    • Fixed - AJAX validation was throwing a Javascript error.
    • Fixed - Calendar now longer throws an error preventing form to be displayed if the Default Value is using an incorrect date.
    • Fixed - 'Max Size' attribute is used only on specific 'Type' selections.
    • Fixed - 'Multiple Validation Rules' would throw a PHP Notice in a particular situation.

10 Aug 2016
Version 1.52.0

    • Added - Thank You Message can be displayed in a pop-up.
    • Added - Scroll to form on error.
    • Added - Scroll to Thank You Message.
    • Added - Form Layout: Zurb Foundation 6.2.1
    • Added - {if} scripting now allows comparing values.
    • Added - Submit button can be disabled upon submission to prevent clicking multiple times.
    • Added - CAPTCHA can be hidden for logged-in users.
    • Added - 'REPLACE' mappings method.
    • Updated - User Email and Admin Email are now validated upon saving.
    • Updated - New Validation Rule: "Multiple Rules"
    • Updated - Can now specify the Map Type in the Google Map field.
    • Updated - Progress bar can be auto-generated based on the current Form Layout.
    • Updated - 'Refresh CAPTCHA' button can now be styled through the '.rsform-captcha-refresh-button' class.
    • Updated - 'Refresh CAPTCHA' button now inherits button class to match current Form Layout.
    • Updated - 'Image Button' has been removed. Use 'Submit Button' with CSS styling instead.
    • Updated - Now showing current language when editing 'Thank You Message', 'Admin Email Text' and 'User Email Text'.
    • Updated - 'Support Ticket' field can be either 'Random' or 'Sequential'.
    • Fixed - 'Support Ticket' fields are now placed at the bottom of the HTML layout.
    • Fixed - Using "Toggle Editor" was not saving changes with some editors.
    • Fixed - In some cases new values were not saved when editing submissions.
    • Fixed - Timezone was not taken into account when exporting submission from the frontend.
    • Fixed - Placeholders dropdown Javascript was causing an overhead when too many fields were added.
    • Fixed - Placeholders dropdown was not working correctly in the Mappings pop-up.
    • Fixed - PHP Notices when creating a new form using the wizard.
    • Fixed - When editing a form the language you've logged in with will be used.
    • Fixed - Date and Time Picker field popup was not being closed when changing the page.
  • Fixed - Google API Key is needed for displaying a map
  • Fixed - If the Password field's Default Value contained PHP code it was not taken into account during the Passphrase validation.